Crypto Broker Blacklist 2022

When you engage in crypto trading, it is important to know who you are trusting your money with. We have compiled a blacklist of brokers and crypto services that have been flagged and found to be suspected scams. We did not arrive at this conclusion based on some negative feedback or rumors, but on reliable warnings and following our thorough investigation. 

We deal with many clients who have lost money to fraudulent brokers and fake financial services. Our professionals consult with them, gather information, and track down their crypto transactions on the blockchain. Through these efforts, we get a clear idea of how these shady brokers operate. We can quickly see patterns that point to fraudulent tactics and counterfeit services.

Broker Complaint Registry has created this review to warn consumers against opening an account with brokers and crypto services that are likely to be fraudulent. It is much easier to avoid losing money to these brokers in the first place than to recover funds once they have been lost. This list is the result of hours of research and application of our expert methods. We conclude that these brokers should be avoided. 

If any of these brokers are on your list, cross them off that list. If you want to find out more, click on the name of the broker below and read more information. It is simply not worth the risk, no matter how large the returns any of these brokers are promising. The promises will turn out to be false. 

To be mentioned on the list, the broker may have been characterized by any of the following, usually several issues: 

  • No license or offshore license
  • Negative reputation
  • False guarantees or claims
  • Non-compliance
  • Official warning

If you have an account with any of the brokers listed below, we recommend that you close the account and demand a withdrawal. If you do not get a withdrawal from the broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry and we will help you track your funds on the blockchain.