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Is a Scam Broker?

The first message a visitor to the site sees may attract many clients but should make others run away. promises a 200% return in just 7 days. Sound incredible? It is and is a reason to avoid In addition, this broker is not regulated. It is important to warn people against schemes like this because has received 30,000 visits a day and is discussed on social media. 

Is a Scam or Legit Broker?

Never work with a broker or platform that is not vaccinated. According to reviews, they may pay once or twice to build a false sense of confidence, but ultimately, they take clients’ money. It claims to work on fully automated technology with “no human intervention.” This is not the way AI works; there has to be someone overseeing it. 


Our experts have examined and have found the following problems: 

  • No license
  • No transparency or visibility
  • Impossible promises
  • Bad reviews


Our experts do not recommend opening an account with We suggest that you choose a licensed broker instead. Research our other broker reviews and sign up with a regulated broker. If you have lost money with or another broker, our professionals are here to help you. 

Our experts have examined Coincea and it seems legitimate because: 

  • It has a license from the SEC 
  • Coinberry’s fees are reasonable 
  • Coinberry has positive reviews from customers and publications
  • There is visibility into who runs Coincea and transparency into its services

Our experts have decided that Coincea seems legitimate. However, there is no guarantee that no problems can happen with Coincea. Even the best brokers and platforms can have things go wrong and you may need fund recovery in some cases. If you have lost money with Coincea or another broker, our professionals are here to help you.

Reason to suspect a scam broker is in action:
  • The broker froze your account
  • The broker blocked your account
  • You cannot login back into your account
  • Money has been taken out from the account
  • The broker doesn’t take your calls
  • The broker shut down his website
  • You noticed the broker took money out from your bank account with out your permission
  • The broker is offering you a bonus
  • The broker is offering you to fund more money into the account after you lost a large sum

Don’t give up. You can fight back and get your money refunded. Start by filling the form above and we will get in touch with you and provide you with information on how to start the process.

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