Scammed By a Forex or Binary Options Broker?


If you have landed on this page, that means you are probably a victim of a fraudulent online scam. It might actually be hard to believe that your broker could steal your money. They could make you believe that you’ve lost it all to the markets. In fact, it was gone the moment you send it to them.




Were you offered or given a bonus ?- No real trading platform is allowed to give any sort of bonus. If you received a bonus, you are a victim of a scam.

Can you withdraw all your funds? – If your online broker does not allow you to withdraw your funds or requires an additional deposit to withdraw the funds, you are a victim of a scam.

Money disappears from your account? – Did you wake up one morning and all the funds in your account were gone or traded away? You are a victim of a scam.

Promises for a bigger return? – were you promised foolproof way of recovering your lost funds by depositing more funds? You are a victim of a scam.

You are not alone. Many people have been in the exact same position – and here’s what you can do about it.

We recommend that you speak with MyChargeBack. The consultation is free, they will review the facts of your scam and advise you how to get your money back.

If they believe that you qualify for the fund recovery processes, they will let you know what fees apply. In most cases lost credit card transactions in excess of $5000 and bank wire transactions above $10,000 would qualify.




Does everyone get their money back?
Based on the details of you case My ChargeBack will inform you are eligible and qualify for a charge back. It is important to note that recovery of your funds could take a number of months, but if they believe you can get your money back, it is worth it to go down this road.

The more chargebacks that are issued against a company the bigger the likelihood that the company would negotiate a settlement. Chargebacks hurt the companies standing with the payment processors. The better your case, the better the results. Sometimes, settlements can be reached. The most important is the strategy you employ increasing the likely hood of recovering your funds. Our partners are the best in the business and will develop the best strategy for your case and set you on the road to recovery.

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