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Is BondCompare a Scam Broker?

BondCompare seems like a reliable broker but Broker Complaint Registry has investigated BondCompare and could not find anything to inspire confidence. The first step in researching any broker is to check out its license and who is behind the company. BondCompare provides no transparency on its site and there is no indication of a license. Therefore, we would not recommend opening an account with BondCompare. 

Is BondCompare or Legit Broker?

Despite the deals and perks brokers like BondCompare offer to customers, there is no reason to trust them. Many of our clients who seek fund recovery have lost money to unregulated brokers. If you can’t find out any licensing information or any visibility into who started the firm, the best thing to do is to walk away. Start any research into brokers by looking carefully at licensing information and ensuring it is up to date and accurate. Sometimes brokers may sound like legitimate brokers, but they could be clones of real services and be fake. 

Our experts found out the following about BondCompare: 

  • No information about a license
  • Lack of transparency
  • Customer complaints

Our experts do not recommend BondCompare. We encourage visitors to do research, read our broker reviews and select regulated brokers. If you have been scammed by BondCompare or any other broker, contact Broker Complaint Registry right away and we can advise you on fund recovery.