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Is Bitsane a Scam Broker? 

Bitsane was a cryptocurrency trading site that claimed to be based in Ireland but vanished into thin air along with the accounts of 240,000 clients. Bitsane is a textbook case of the kind of trading scheme you should avoid. Although Dmitry Purdnikov and company are unlikely to return under the Bitsane name, it is worth looking at their methods to avoid such scams in the future. Here is what we found out about Bitsane. 

Is Bitsane Scam or Legit Broker?

Like many crypto scams, Bitsane promised returns for clients and said it had the “world’s fastest engine machine.” Not only is this poor English, especially for a service that claims to be based in an English-speaking country, but it is also impossible to validate such claims. Fees seemed to be in line with industry averages, but it had no license, which is a huge red flag. 


Our experts have examined Bitsane and have found the following problems:

  • No license
  • Unprofessional wording on the site
  • Extravagant claims
  • No transparency


This is the information we discovered through our own investigation and customer reviews. It is unlike Bitsane is going to make a return, but clients should beware of schemes like Bitsane. Instead, research our other broker reviews and sign up with a regulated broker. If you have lost money with Bitsane or another scam broker, our professionals are here to help you. 

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