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If you are looking for a way to get funding for your business, you may have come across Ask for Funding, a platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors. But is Ask for Funding a scam or a legit service? In this review, we will take a closer look at what Ask for Funding offers, how it works, and what are the pros and cons of using it.

What is Ask for Funding?

Ask for Funding is a website that allows entrepreneurs to create a profile and pitch their business idea to a network of investors. The website claims to have over 20,000 investors who are looking for opportunities to invest in startups and small businesses. The investors include angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, and crowdfunding platforms.

How does Ask for Funding work?

To use Ask for Funding, you need to create an account and fill out a form with information about your business, such as the industry, the stage, the amount of funding needed, the revenue, the growth potential, and the exit strategy. You also need to upload a pitch deck or a video presentation that showcases your business idea and explains why it is worth investing in.

Once you submit your profile, it will be reviewed by the Ask for Funding team and published on the website if it meets their criteria. Your profile will then be visible to the investors who can browse through the listings and contact you if they are interested in your business. You can also search for investors by location, industry, and investment size and send them a message with your pitch.

Some of the pros of using Ask for Funding are:

  • It is free to create a profile and pitch your business idea to investors.
  • It gives you access to a large network of investors who are actively looking for opportunities to invest in different industries and stages.
  • It allows you to communicate directly with the investors without any intermediaries or fees.
  • It provides you with feedback and advice from the Ask for Funding team and other entrepreneurs who have used the platform.

Some of the cons of using Ask for Funding are:

  • It does not guarantee that you will get funded by any of the investors on the website.
  • It does not verify the identity or credibility of the investors who contact you or offer you funding.
  • It does not provide any legal or financial assistance or protection in case of fraud or disputes with the investors.
  • It does not have any quality control or screening process for the profiles and pitches that are submitted on the website.

Is Ask for Funding a scam or legit?

Ask for Funding is not a scam, but it is not a regulated or licensed service either. It is simply a platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors without any involvement or responsibility in the transactions that take place between them. Therefore, it is up to you to do your own due diligence and research before accepting any offer or agreement from any investor on the website. You should also be aware of the common signs of scams, such as:

  • Investors who ask you to pay upfront fees or deposits before they fund your business.
  • Investors who promise unrealistic returns or guarantees on your investment.
  • Investors who pressure you to make quick decisions or sign contracts without reading them carefully.
  • Investors who use fake names, profiles, or credentials or refuse to provide any proof of their identity or track record.


Ask for Funding is a platform that can help you find potential investors for your business idea, but it is not a foolproof or risk-free solution. You should always be cautious and careful when dealing with strangers online and never share any sensitive or personal information or money without verifying their legitimacy and trustworthiness. 

What to Do If You’ve Lost Money with Ask for Funding?

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