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Who are they – Amadeus Markets? 

Amadeus Markets is a financial services company that offers online trading platforms for various markets, including forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. The company claims to provide fast execution, competitive spreads, low commissions, and advanced tools for traders of all levels.


Amadeus Markets has also been the subject of several warnings and complaints from regulators and customers. In November 2023, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Austria issued a warning against Amadeus Markets, stating that it is not authorized to provide investment services in Austria and that it may be involved in fraudulent activities. The FMA also advised investors to exercise caution when dealing with Amadeus Markets and to report any suspicious transactions.

Customer Reviews

Amadeus Markets are mostly negative, with many users reporting issues such as withdrawal problems, account closure, poor customer service, hidden fees, and manipulation of prices. Some customers have even accused Amadeus Markets of being a scam and have lost significant amounts of money by trading with them.


Amadeus Markets offers two main products: a web-based trading platform called Amadeus Trader and a mobile app called Amadeus CFD. Both platforms allow users to trade various instruments with leverage, access market news and analysis, use technical indicators and charts, and manage their accounts. However, the platforms have also been criticized for being unreliable, buggy, and prone to glitches.


Amadeus Markets is based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a jurisdiction that is known for its lax regulation and oversight of financial services providers. The company does not disclose any information about its ownership, management, or license on its websites. This raises questions about the legitimacy and transparency of Amadeus Markets and its operations.

Customer service

Amadeus Markets is also reportedly poor and unresponsive. Customers have complained that they cannot reach the support team by phone or email, or that they receive vague or misleading answers to their queries. Some customers have also claimed that they were pressured or harassed by the sales representatives of Amadeus Markets to deposit more money or to open more trades.


Amadeus Markets is a risky and dubious financial services provider that should be avoided by potential investors. The company has been warned by regulators, has received numerous complaints from customers, and has failed to provide adequate information about its identity, license, and operations. There are many other reputable and regulated online trading platforms available in the market that offer better services, security, and customer satisfaction than Amadeus Markets.