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Fake Airbnbs, also known as listing scams, are a common problem on the Airbnb platform. 

Signs of a Fake Airbnb Listing:

  • Unrealistic Price: A price significantly lower than similar listings in the area could be a red flag. 
  • Lack of Reviews: Legitimate listings typically have reviews from previous guests. Be cautious of listings with no reviews or newly created accounts with few reviews.
  • Poor Communication: The host is unresponsive or avoids answering questions. They might pressure you to communicate outside the Airbnb platform or send money directly.
  • Suspicious Requests: The host asks you to wire money directly, pay a security deposit outside the platform, or click on suspicious links.
  • Unrealistic Photos: Photos might appear unprofessional, blurry, or stolen from other sources. They might not accurately represent the property’s condition.

Always book your stay directly through the Airbnb website or app.

What to Do if You Suspect a Fake Airbnb:

Collect all screenshots of the listing (including photos, descriptions, and communication with the host) as well as payment receipts (if you accidentally sent money). Report it to Airbnb immediately. They have measures in place to investigate and remove fraudulent listings. Cancel the booking via customer support and don’t send any money. 

Submit a complaint with BrokerComplaintRegistry, an organization dedicated to assisting victims of online fraud.