ActiveTrades Broker Review


Should You Trade with ActivTrades? Read This Broker Review First!

You may have run across ActiveTrades on the web or from a friend’s recommendation. By reading this broker review, you are making the right move. It is essential always to research brokers well before entrusting your money and your trading goals to a broker. At Broker Complaint Registry, we have the experience and the tools to investigate brokers thoroughly and ask the right questions. The following review is a tool to guide trading decisions.

Year Founded 2001
Regulation FCA, CONSOB, Securities Commissions of the Bahamas
Minimum Deposit $100
Product Types Forex and CFDS
Products Offered 1000 CFDs over 6 categories and 48 forex pairs. ETFs commodities, precious metals, oil, gold, stocks, indices.

About ActiveTrades

ActiveTrades was founded in Switzerland in 2001, and by 2005, it moved to the United Kingdom. It began as mainly a forex broker, but has since extended its trading offerings to CFDs with exposure to various asset classes. ActiveTrades has clients located in 140 countries. In 2017, ActiveTrades was listed as the 90th fastest growing company in the UK.
Our team at Broker Complaint Registry has the expertise to investigate brokers thoroughly and determine whether they are legitimate and high-caliber brokers. We look at various criteria, including regulation, accounts, spreads, platforms and others. We focus on providing consumers with guidance on financial services. If you have complaints about a broker, contact BCR and we can refer you to an expert in intelligence reports, fund recovery, and other procedures.


ActiveTrades holds a license from the FCA or the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It also has a license from the Securities Commissions of the Bahamas. It is also registered in Italy with the CONSOB. The FCA is a top-tier regulator and has among the highest standards in the world. It is a challenge for even good brokers to get a license from the FCA which demands strict requirements, conducts regular inspections, and requires regular documentation.
The most important factor when choosing a broker is to ensure they are regulated. An unregulated broker can get away with cheating clients since customers do not have recourse in this case. However, simply having a license isn’t sufficient.
Brokers should have a high-caliber license. Tier 3 or 4 regulators often have lax requirements for brokers and do not provide much oversight or act quickly on customer complaints. Therefore, ActivTrades has the gold standard of broker regulation and on this point, inspires confidence.

Accounts, Fees, Spreads and Commissions

Many brokers offer a variety of accounts to clients. However, ActiveTrades provides one type of account for regular traders. Although there is also a professional account, non-professional traders are not given perks for having more money in their account.
This may seem fair enough to those who have a modest amount to trade, but for those who may want to make larger trades, the lack of perks may be disappointing.

ActivTrades charges both spreads and commissions. The spread on the EUR/USD is 0.72 pips. Trading CFDs can be $1, 1 pound sterling and one euro depending on the type of CFD. It should be noted that ActivTrades charges 1 euro a month for market data. This may be an almost negligible amount but many consumers may be bothered by the principle of charging for providing market data. 

Trading Instruments

ActivTrades facilitates forex with 48 entry-level currency pairs. Commodities, ETFs, commodities, and indices are available for trading through CFDs. In total, ActivTrades offers 1,000 trading products. This selection is reasonable according to industry standards.

Technology and Platforms

ActiveTrades offers the ever-present and reliable MetaTrader with a Smart Site Tool for upgrades. The broker also provides a number of plug-ins that facilitate automated trading. Both versions of MetaTrader, 4 or 5, are available.

Research and Education

FXPro is known for its stellar customer service with a range of communication methods, including text, live chat, phone (including toll-free international numbers), social media support on Twitter. Unlike many online brokers, FXPro has a reception center based in London.

Pros and Cons

The following are the basic pros and cons of ActivTrades
  • Regulated by FCA
  • Demo Account
  • Low Spreads
  • Solid Trading Education Resources Through SmartTools
  • No Cryptocurrency
  • No US Clients
  • Only one type of account available

Should You Trade with ActivTrades?

Broker Complaint Registry has done a thorough examination of ActivTrades and has concluded that ActivTrades is a legitimate broker with a decent selection of trading instruments and good trading educational resources. It is clear that ActivTrades is relatively secure, given its licensing, although there is no guarantee that no problems will arise even with a highly regulated broker. It is important to be vigilant any time you use financial services.
Whether or not you trade with ActivTrades depends on your region, trading goals, and preferences. For instance, US clients can’t trade with ActivTrades due to U.S. regulations regarding certain types of trading. Examine carefully ActivTrades’ resources, fees, spreads, and commissions as well as a selection of trading instruments before you make your decision.
It should be emphasized that even though ActivTrades is licensed, this does not mean there will never be a dispute that can give rise to a complaint. You may notice account errors or fees that you object to. With reliable brokers, a simple complaint will take care of it, but occasionally disputes arise.
In this case, you will need the services of professionals who handle broker complaints and disputes. If you have experienced problems with a broker, speak to Broker Complaint Registry. We will refer you to professionals who ensure your complaint is acted on and that you achieve results.

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